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Sustainable manufacturing is what we do

Eco-friendly manufacturing linia icons Environmental certification Green energy Recycling Impact investment Sustainable materials
LINE ICONS Environmental certification Green energy Recycling Impact investment Sustainable materials

Green manufacturing

We are firmly committed to sustainable and innovative projects. Sustainable manufacturing starts at home. That is why we have invested in low-consumption machinery, implementing ISO 14001. We use 100% renewable electricity and have combined solar panels with green roofing on our main factory building. We have partnered in and co‑financed prize‑winning sustainable projects. We also specialize in biomaterials and use a high proportion of recycled materials during manufacturing


Natural insulation

We have installed green roofs in our factory in Castalla (close to Alicante in Spain). These roofs are natural thermal and acoustic insulators. They form new green spaces, reducing the visual impact of buildings and promoting biodiversity.


Solar energy

Another of the measures put in place in our Castalla plant has been the installation of solar panels. This action will reduce external energy consumption, bringing up to 15% savings in electricity consumption.

We take advantage of the sun’s heat, which is almost always radiant sunshine in the Mediterranean region. Therefore, we use its power of 200 kW to run our machines and to illuminate our offices.

Electric machines

Our repetitive manufacturing process uses fast and reliable machinery that allows us to work with rapid cycles for demanding sectors, while providing significant savings in electrical energy.

LED lights

We have installed LED lighting – provided by one of our customers, Hispaled throughout the factory. This improvement has reduced our lighting electricity consumption by 60 per cent.

Eco-friendly materials

We promote the use of new eco-plastics due to our extensive experience working with them. We know their creep, mechanical resistance, technical characteristics, costs, availability and supply sources, and so are fully equipped to take on any project involving eco-plastics.


Plastics that can be broken down by living organisms, generally microbes found in in water, carbon dioxide and biomass. They are manufactured using renewable raw materials, micro‑organisms, petrochemicals, or a combination of the three.


Materials that dissolve in water. They do not pollute the oceans nor harm marine flora and fauna.


Non-fossil polymer materials that are compostable and can be broken down quickly. They are manufactured from renewable resources such as sugars, cereals, potatoes and starch.

Recycled plastics

Plastics that have been recovered through a recycling process, transforming them into useful production materials. 35 per cent of the plastics we use in our factory are recycled.

Sustainable projects

We develop and support projects aiming at improving the environment through our impact investment: this means helping with design and industrialization and in some cases, even sponsorship.


Hydroponic Vertical Garden


Vertical garden


Vertical garden

Ecological projects

Discover some of our most prized eco-friendly projects: