Innovation as the standard

We develop innovative projects, patents and new materials to provide new solutions


We have the capacity and vocation to develop innovative projects and technologies. For this reason, an increasing budget is set aside for research

Testing of materials

We invest an annual budget in the industrial testing of new, technical and/or ecological materials, aiming to offer new solutions or improvements in the sectors in which we work.

Innovative products

We carry out, jointly with our customers, the process of developing patents in plastic. To do so, we will support the development from the start until achieving a functional and industrializable result.

Prototype moulds for research purposes

We manufacture prototype moulds for our own developments, which allows us to offer solutions to customers, anticipating their needs.

New cooling systems

We work on innovative refrigeration developments to meet the demands regarding the parts with strong productivity demands.

Innovative projects

Some of the most important projects we have carried out in the field of innovation are highlighted below:

Polypropylene composite

Our partner Essentia (formerly Propilco), a multinational manufacturer of PP, collaborated with us in the development of new PP solutions in the field of beverage stoppers.

Manufacturing prototype moulds has allowed us to test different compounds and optimize the material, as well as redefine the design requirements in the new caps and plugs.

Caps for clusters

This time, we help our customer to industrialize, optimizing in-depth the design and testing materials for its Innovative products for clusters of beverage cans.

In order to replace the currently grouped cardboard or PVC systems, we offer a hygienic, ecological (bio-compostable and water-soluble) and practical solution.

Flip plug

In response to the new Waste Law, and working alongside our client, we are helping to develop this disruptive cap that is attached to the PET bottle. Once it has been opened, it will remain hanging from the seal.

Staying one step ahead of the market, we introduced this solution before it was mandatory. Moldblade provided all mould development, analysis, testing and tests.

Seaweed farms

Systematized algae farming is a much more economical solution for this type of vegetable so appreciated in food, cosmetics, and many other applications.

Moldblade collaborated developing this project from its conception. A majority of plastic parts joined to several metal parts are together to offer a totally new and groundbreaking system.

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