Dedication to innovation

We are committed to providing new solutions with our innovative projects, patents and materials.


We have the capacity and vocation to develop innovative projects and technologies. That is why we set aside an ever-increasing budget for research.

Material testing

Every year, we allocate funds for the industrial testing of new, technical and/or eco-friendly materials, aiming to provide new solutions and improvements in the sectors in which we work.

Innovative products

We work with our customers to develop patents in plastic. To do so, we support development from day one until achieving a functional result that is ready for the market.

Prototype moulds for research purposes

We manufacture prototype molds for our own projects. This allows us to anticipate our customers’ needs and provide them with the best solutions.

New cooling systems

We work on innovative refrigeration developments to meet the need for parts with high productivity demands.

Innovative projects

Discover some our most innovative projects

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