News and articles on the manufacture of molds and plastic injection parts

26 May, 2021

Plastic injection moulding: possible faults, causes and solutions

Problem of burnt spots on the injected part. Possible causes may be:. Plugged gas leaks.Injection speed too high.Material temperature too high. The solutions: Clean gas leaks.Reduce injection speed.         Reduction of the...

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22 April, 2021

Capacities and Sizes of Plastic Injection Moulding Machines

How to choose a plastic injection moulding machine? The plastic injection moulding machines, have several parameters, the most important of which include: Closing force (Ton)Maximum Injection Pressure (MPa, PSI, bar,...

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13 April, 2021

Part design recommendations for plastic injection moulding processes

Injection moulding of plastic parts, tips for optimising the plastic injection moulding process through design. LOCATION OF EXTRACTORS AND INJECTION POINTS If possible, the extractors and injection points should be...

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13 April, 2021

Plastic: False Myths.

“PLASTICS ARE HARMFUL TO THE ENVIRONMENT BECAUSE THEY CONSUME OIL” Plastics, in most of their applications, save more oil than is used in their manufacture. Plastics are petroleum-based in origin,...

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06 April, 2021

Plastic Injection Moulding: Main Defects in Injection Moulded Parts

Sink marks (Rechupes) Sinkage marks are depressions in the surface of the plastic injection moulded part caused in the last phase or stage of the plastic injection moulding process, during...

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13 November, 2020

7 advantages of injection moulded parts production

Injection moulding of plastics is the most widely used method for the manufacture of thermoplastic parts, approximately 60% of plastic processing machines are injection moulding machines....

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