Plastic engineering

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Product Design Prototype Manufacturing/ Injection Assembly Mould Making
Product Design Prototype Mould Making Manufacturing/ Injection Assembly

Projects from its inception

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Our commitment to providing high-quality plastics engineering services is what sets Moldblade apart. Our approach is multidisciplinary, as it requires extensive knowledge of different materials and their behavior, mechanical strength calculation, plastic flow calculation, heat transmission, mold mechanics, as well as specific expertise in each industry sector.

Our services involve the entire developmental process of parts. This way, we ensure the success of every project, because the outcome is always optimal when a single company draws on all its expertise to handle every step of the process: engineering, mold manufacturing and injection.

New product

Industrial design through a comprehensive development process

Product restyling

Improvements and optimisations of weight, resistance, cost and aesthetics.

Engineering / 01


Our goal is to turn ideas into products that can be mass produced.

Engineering / 02


This process involves perfecting the product’s components and mechanical parts.

Engineering / 03


Prototyping is a value-added service that we offer as a default option, at no cost to the client.


We create molds and plastic injection parts for a wide range of sectors. Our extensive experience in providing products that are tailored to the specific needs of each customer qualifies us to offer a highly reliable comprehensive service

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