Design, toolingand injection

We provide a total service starting from a project idea.

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Our highly experienced engineering team will deal internally with every phase of product development. To develop prototypes, we have 3D printing equipment and CNC machining of plastic parts.

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All precision injection moulds have been built with the following main equipment:

  • 5 CNC
  • 2 CNC rotary machines
  • 6 EDM machines
  • 2 precision wire cutting machines
  • Two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) machine

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In order to provide a global response locally, machinery has been distributed in 4 manufacturing plants.

Two-component, two-coloured, co-injection, thin-wall, IML (In-Mould Labelling) and gas-assisted injection.

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We work for projects around the world. Read more about our sales network.
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We manufacture injection moulds and plastic parts.

All over the world, we develop complete high-precision reliable projects.

Our experience in manufacturing moulds for more than 25 countries has allowed us to apply the knowledge acquired to our own plastic injection factories. This way, we can offer the customer a complete service and the security of working with a single person responsible for the success of the project. We take care of the complete process to develop a product: industrial design of plastic parts, creation of very high-level injection moulds, plastic injection service and assembly.

Eco-friendly manufacturing and innovation as its objective.

We are especially committed to sustainable and innovative projects. Sustainable manufacturing starts at home. For this reason, we have adapted by investing in low-consumption machinery, implementing ISO 14001. We have also contracted electricity from 100% renewable sources, covering the roof of the main factory with solar panels and green roofs. We have been involved in and we have co-financed prize-winning sustainable projects. In addition, we have been specializing in biomaterials. Also, in our plants, we work with a high proportion of recycled material.

Innovation is another of the basic pillars, the daily routine of our Engineering Department. We work in collaboration with customers to develop innovative products, sometimes some of them were based on just one idea… Moreover, an annual budget is allocated for innovating processes and for researching materials and additives.

Quality and environmental management policy

We let our clients speak for us.

“Moldblade has developed several projects of between 20 and 50 moulds at the same time, starting from a pre-engineering. Being in charge of completing product development, prototyping and testing by using Moldflow, and finally manufacturing the entire series of moulds in a very tight time frame. The result has always been outstanding. Hence, it is a strategic supplier for us.”



“We manufacture high standard chairs from top designers. Moldblade ensures an industrializable and optimized design. The mould is then created by them and the parts are injected, assuring us that Moldblade is in charge of the entire process.”

Design Chair


“Although we have our own tooling, sometimes we come across works that we cannot undertake. Moldblade helps us to drive them forward. On one occasion, we developed a project of 80 moulds, where Moldblade took care of 70% of such project. Based on which, we were ready for the market with the new product line within the established times.”

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